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Who's on Trial? And by which standard?

We've decided to use a very low standard in judging Roy Moore. But let's at least use that low standard fairly.

How much evidence is there really against Roy Moore?

Credibility--What does that really mean in the Roy Moore case?

Does the "where" question add up in the case of the Roy Moore charges?

If the "when" matters in discussing Roy Moore, the "why" matters a great deal too. Take a listen.

Roy Moore, the Gate of Ivory, or the Gate of Horn

The Timing Question: Roy Moore, "When" Things Happen, and "When" when matters

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What if conservatives are turning into an outrage-driven hive?

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I am boycotting racial outrage.


Young black man dies in the home of a gay Hillary mega-donor


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Partial recording of my remarks at the General Synod, York, Church of England -- July 8, 2017

My remarks at Church of England's general synod in York July 2017


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